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A date for the first date!

12 Oct
A is for...grover?

A is for...Grover?

Finally! Progress on the blog and in real life! Date One aka The First Alphabet Date aka THE LETTER A begins TONIGHT ON PAY PER VIEW (not really, but hey, a man can dream).  Featuring the following all star line up:

– Asian food! (Possibly Japanese on Sydney Rd, but it may still turn out to be our favourite lil Vietnamese place)
– Apple cider! (Suggestions welcome)
– Arm wrestling! (Clearly as previously posted I am going to be dominated)

Thanks to everyone who voted in the previous A poll. ¬†Couldn’t organise to arm-wrestle in the aquarium – apparently my MASSIVE GUNS would scare off patrons/fish – but we’ve compromised on the apple part with the cider.

Pics to come soon!