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E Date: where we avoid eggs (but experience lots of other stuff)

2 Feb
E is for egg!

And to think I avoided eggs for so long...

Coming up with ideas for things to do for ‘E’ is not as easy as one may think.  Sure, there’s eggs (something we were keen to avoid, for personal gas and cholesterol issues) but after that?  Well, it’s just concepts and ideas, a nebulous existence (ha! Unintentional e pun).  Excellence.  Experience.  Everything.  Luckily, the future bride of this blog was up to such a challenge!
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D1: of dumplings (not Mighty Ducks)

23 Dec
D1: The Mighty Ducks

Remember these guys?

So in a rather revolutionary step, we have decided to make date ‘D’ progressive, nay, delayed gratification across more than just the single night.  Some would say that we’re unorganised but I would merely point to the days on the calendar flying by and suggest that at Christmas, having alone time is difficult.   So trust me when I say there is more to come to round off D date in the early weeks of 2011.  <cue Pay TV announcer voice> “STILL TO COME, ON D DATE! DAVE DECIDES ON DESSERT!  DANCING IS DONE!” </end bold announcer style voice>

But why in such a hurry to look forward! You just got here!  Hello, welcome, thanks for stopping by, please, sit down and have a cup of tea while I talk to you about dumplings, and NOT about the Mighty Ducks.

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Open wide and say ‘A’: on apples, Asahi and first dates

14 Oct

You always remember your first ‘date’.  Me, I think I could call the Year 7 school zoo trip I made with a young lady I was infatuated with at the time as my official first date.  Sure, it was public and with a million hangers on, but that just made it more like were two famous people with aides, agents and paparazzi buzzing about us.  Plus, we bonded over monkeys, so take that.

So what did you do?

Last night Theresa and I kicked off our Alphabet Dating Series with the letter A.  As the gentleman I allowed Theresa to kick this adventure off and pick a start date and can I say,  I’ve got a lot to live up to.
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Impeccable Taste

31 Aug

So it turns out I – aherm, I mean we of course – have impeccable taste.  Our reception venue, Wild Dog Winery in Warragul, just got named in The Age’s Good Food Guide for 2011.  It’s the first time they’ve made the illustrious list, joining hallowed dining halls such as Vue de Monde, Jacques Reymond and MoVida.

I reckon we’ve made a pretty good choice then!