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D2: where that Estevez hurts his knee, we go dancing and the number 4 goes missing

10 Jan

Like all good children’s books, I am very much tempted to lead off with a platitude along the lines of “…we pick up our story where we left off, with Theresa and David very sleepy after eating their body weight in dumplings.”

So let’s run with that and dive head first into the social morass that is beginners salsa dancing classes, which makes up part deux of our trilogy of D dates.  If we were Star Wars, THIS would be our Empire Strikes Back, albeit with much less swamps, snow and, erm, tauntauns.

Tauntaun Sleeping Bag @ ThinkGeek.com

They may smell bad, but tauntaun's are clinically proven to keep you warm

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D1: of dumplings (not Mighty Ducks)

23 Dec
D1: The Mighty Ducks

Remember these guys?

So in a rather revolutionary step, we have decided to make date ‘D’ progressive, nay, delayed gratification across more than just the single night.  Some would say that we’re unorganised but I would merely point to the days on the calendar flying by and suggest that at Christmas, having alone time is difficult.   So trust me when I say there is more to come to round off D date in the early weeks of 2011.  <cue Pay TV announcer voice> “STILL TO COME, ON D DATE! DAVE DECIDES ON DESSERT!  DANCING IS DONE!” </end bold announcer style voice>

But why in such a hurry to look forward! You just got here!  Hello, welcome, thanks for stopping by, please, sit down and have a cup of tea while I talk to you about dumplings, and NOT about the Mighty Ducks.

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