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Cravings: part of every good relationship (and C date)

2 Dec

Cravings: part of every healthy relationship

If there’s one thing that every relationship needs, it’s communication.   Actually that’s not entirely true.  You also need continuity, chocolate, cravings, class, cuddles…the list goes on.  Luckily, C date had all of these.  (And if there’s one thing you’ve noticed about my blogging trends on this platform they are anything but consistent.) Continue reading


I C what you did there…

22 Nov

I see (c?)

Theresa has informed me that we have an official time and place for Date C, though apparently I will receive more specific SMS instructions on Wednesday when it all goes down.

Fairly certain it’s going to involve the cinema in some shape or form, but apart from that I’m flying blind.  There’s a few things that I hope are involved, including:

– chocolate
– cuddles
– lolCats

Any other suggestions?