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Open wide and say ‘A’: on apples, Asahi and first dates

14 Oct

You always remember your first ‘date’.  Me, I think I could call the Year 7 school zoo trip I made with a young lady I was infatuated with at the time as my official first date.  Sure, it was public and with a million hangers on, but that just made it more like were two famous people with aides, agents and paparazzi buzzing about us.  Plus, we bonded over monkeys, so take that.

So what did you do?

Last night Theresa and I kicked off our Alphabet Dating Series with the letter A.  As the gentleman I allowed Theresa to kick this adventure off and pick a start date and can I say,  I’ve got a lot to live up to.
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A date for the first date!

12 Oct
A is for...grover?

A is for...Grover?

Finally! Progress on the blog and in real life! Date One aka The First Alphabet Date aka THE LETTER A begins TONIGHT ON PAY PER VIEW (not really, but hey, a man can dream).  Featuring the following all star line up:

– Asian food! (Possibly Japanese on Sydney Rd, but it may still turn out to be our favourite lil Vietnamese place)
– Apple cider! (Suggestions welcome)
– Arm wrestling! (Clearly as previously posted I am going to be dominated)

Thanks to everyone who voted in the previous A poll.  Couldn’t organise to arm-wrestle in the aquarium – apparently my MASSIVE GUNS would scare off patrons/fish – but we’ve compromised on the apple part with the cider.

Pics to come soon!