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Hold up! Hold up! H date is historic, also mega late

28 Jun
Stop clowning around!

Enough clowning around, this blog hold up is over!

Whoa! AND WE ARE BACK. Apologies for the huuugggeee delay in posts dear reader.¬† All I can say is that life got busy, intervened, stayed over, made itself comfortable and wouldn’t leave until we withheld its entire undie collection (somewhat true story in that there were undies involved, but I digress).

But after a bit of a hold up, I can bring you up to speed with our historic H date!

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A is for…

27 Aug

So we’ve been having a bit of a chat about what we’re going to do for our first alphabet date. ¬†Being the gentleman that I am, I offered Theresa first dibs at the letter A.

She decided on…arm wrestling.


Men with chest hair have long wrestled with their arms

Oh my god…what have I gotten myself into?

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