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I C what you did there…

22 Nov

I see (c?)

Theresa has informed me that we have an official time and place for Date C, though apparently I will receive more specific SMS instructions on Wednesday when it all goes down.

Fairly certain it’s going to involve the cinema in some shape or form, but apart from that I’m flying blind.  There’s a few things that I hope are involved, including:

– chocolate
– cuddles
– lolCats

Any other suggestions?


Brunch and Bowling and Beverages, Oh My!

5 Nov

In keeping with the sporadic nature of our lives, the planning of our dates has been equally random so far, hence a lack of attention to this blog.  Apologies all.

However! Tomorrow sees the grand arrival of date B, of which there are literally thousands of possibilities.  I never realised how many nice (and naughty) things were possible with the second letter of the alphabet, and I’ve had my work cut out cramming just a few into our schedule.

At the very least it will involve brunch and beverages and hopefully a little bowling thrown in…but let’s see how it plays out.

Thanks to all who voted, a full date report will be on its way after Sunday!

Can Bear Grylls make Date B epic AND excellent?

19 Oct

Alright people, time to put the thinking caps on.  Time moves a pace.  What would make a beautiful, brilliant, bloody ‘bewdy’ of a B date next week?  Is watching BACK TO BACK episodes of BEAR GRYLLS while drinking BANANA SMOOTHIES too lame?

Bear Grylls walks anywhere he damn well wants

Bear Grylls: a beastly man with a B in his name

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A date for the first date!

12 Oct
A is for...grover?

A is for...Grover?

Finally! Progress on the blog and in real life! Date One aka The First Alphabet Date aka THE LETTER A begins TONIGHT ON PAY PER VIEW (not really, but hey, a man can dream).  Featuring the following all star line up:

– Asian food! (Possibly Japanese on Sydney Rd, but it may still turn out to be our favourite lil Vietnamese place)
– Apple cider! (Suggestions welcome)
– Arm wrestling! (Clearly as previously posted I am going to be dominated)

Thanks to everyone who voted in the previous A poll.  Couldn’t organise to arm-wrestle in the aquarium – apparently my MASSIVE GUNS would scare off patrons/fish – but we’ve compromised on the apple part with the cider.

Pics to come soon!

A is for…

27 Aug

So we’ve been having a bit of a chat about what we’re going to do for our first alphabet date.  Being the gentleman that I am, I offered Theresa first dibs at the letter A.

She decided on…arm wrestling.


Men with chest hair have long wrestled with their arms

Oh my god…what have I gotten myself into?

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