I blame John Ashdown, erstwhile football pundit for The Guardian newspaper, for the reason I’m up past midnight tinkering with this blog.  It’s John, see, who’s built up somewhat of a reputation & cult like following on The Guardian’s Football Weekly podcast for his ongoing alphabet dates, each excursion with his chosen loved one a new adventure in activities deriving from the letter ‘G’ (or any of the other letters in the Queens English).

Meanwhile here in Australia, a young man (that’s me!) not yet 27 had proposed to a young lady of similar age.  Their mission was to wed within a year and-a-little-bit.  But how best to mark the journey and keep loved ones in the loop?  With increasingly busy schedules would the hero and heroine of our piece have enough time for each other during a somewhat-long engagement? And could they make a wedding website that didn’t put people to sleep within five seconds of landing on the front page?

Enter Mr Ashdown and his alphabet soup.

This blog is the public journal of two young adults journey into the future, a lighthearted account of life & love with a sprinkling of wedding plan angst thrown in for good measure.  From Sept-Oct 2010, our lead characters will tackle a different ‘alphabet date’ every fortnight.  Some will be expected, many will be ridiculous but nearly all will be interesting (hopefully!)


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