D1: of dumplings (not Mighty Ducks)

23 Dec
D1: The Mighty Ducks

Remember these guys?

So in a rather revolutionary step, we have decided to make date ‘D’ progressive, nay, delayed gratification across more than just the single night.  Some would say that we’re unorganised but I would merely point to the days on the calendar flying by and suggest that at Christmas, having alone time is difficult.   So trust me when I say there is more to come to round off D date in the early weeks of 2011.  <cue Pay TV announcer voice> “STILL TO COME, ON D DATE! DAVE DECIDES ON DESSERT!  DANCING IS DONE!” </end bold announcer style voice>

But why in such a hurry to look forward! You just got here!  Hello, welcome, thanks for stopping by, please, sit down and have a cup of tea while I talk to you about dumplings, and NOT about the Mighty Ducks.

No D date in Melbourne would be complete without dumplings somewhere on the menu, given the ridiculous amount of decent Asian food available in the CBD and beyond.  In the past we’ve been traditionalists, walking that well worn path up Little Bourke to Tattersalls Lane and into Camy’s, a somewhat grotty, always overcrowded, permanently satisfying little place.

This time though we thought we were due to try something new.  That ‘new’ lead us (via Twitter @euniceseow)  to HuTong Dumpling Bar.

Inside the HuTong Dumpling Bar

Inside the HuTong Dumpling Bar

Besides an immaculately set table and well appointed menu, the thing that struck me the most was the Dumpling Eating Tutorial, almost an FAQ to dumplings, that took centre stage.

How to eat dumplings

Hot tips for life

I’m surprised more places don’t do this, as I often feel like a lobster with boxing gloves when trying to navigate chopsticks and not look like a total loser.  Without putting too much pressure on myself, I really do not want to bring down the vibe of the place carefully constructed by the wait staff.  That would just be rude.

So, challenge accepted.  We ordered the Shao-long Bao and proceeded to fail epically.

Shao-long Bao Dumplings

<cue "Final Countdown" music>

The trick is to get a good grip on the neck of the dumpling so as not to pierce the soft skin that contains all that delicious broth.  (Broth? INSIDE the dumpling?  It was a very much Ripley’s Believe It Or Not OMG HOW DOEZ THEY DO THAT moment).  Once in the patented freshwater croc-like death grip, you begin the careful dipping, nibbling, sucking and chewing process.

Dipping dumplings


Getting access to the jewels inside that translucent covering was worth the effort.

When dumplings bleed

Now you know what happens when you pierce a dumpling without asking...

Theresa was a fan…

Theresa Dumpling Noms


…even if we discovered later that this pose was not uncommon in HuTong…

Noodle Girl!


No dumpling adventure, nay, quest would be complete without Money Bags!

Money Bags

Oh yeah kids

For me, dumplings are up there with pizza as one of those foods that can be eaten all the time, day or night, and combine well with nearly every food.  Small enough to be bite sized.  Full of flavour.  Boiled, steamed, fried, baked whatever!  Dumplings, bitch!

Fair to say we were quite full, hence the reason to postpone dessert and dancing until the New Year.

So to finish off with a quote from D1: The Mighty Ducks…

Because it’s not worth winning if you can’t win big!

Thank you HuTong.  We certainly felt like we won big.


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