Open wide and say ‘A’: on apples, Asahi and first dates

14 Oct

You always remember your first ‘date’.  Me, I think I could call the Year 7 school zoo trip I made with a young lady I was infatuated with at the time as my official first date.  Sure, it was public and with a million hangers on, but that just made it more like were two famous people with aides, agents and paparazzi buzzing about us.  Plus, we bonded over monkeys, so take that.

So what did you do?

Last night Theresa and I kicked off our Alphabet Dating Series with the letter A.  As the gentleman I allowed Theresa to kick this adventure off and pick a start date and can I say,  I’ve got a lot to live up to.
The agreed upon feature of the night, the glamour event, to coin a sporting phrase popular in Commonwealth Games circles currently, was the arm-wrestling. But like good little event managers (we are planning for a wedding after all), we decided an appetizing under card was essential before the real deal.

And what is a major event without a flyer!


The A Date Flyer

Welcome to the Letter A!


And with that, we launched into a progressive two-location Asian feast.  First, it was Asahi, miso and sushi at Shinjuku Sushi Restaurant on Sydney Road.  Have you ever been the only ones eating in a restaurant? Did it freak you out? We dined alone but for the efficient service and background noise of imported TV.  And no, there was nothing wrong with the place, my usual first assumption when I see empty places of food provision.


A is for Asahi!

A is for Asahi!



Shinjuku Sushi

Nothing says 'Asian Feast' more than sushi





Asian Feast Part 1: Sushi



Fun fact about Asahi: not only do they make beer, they also dabble in soft drinks, food and pharmaceuticals.

…we entered a capital and business alliance with Amano Jitsugyo Co., Ltd., which boasts top-level technological capabilities and manufacturing scale in Japan’s freeze-dried food market, in a bid to reinforce our base in the “food and health” business domain…we remain committed to business initiatives, particularly in alcoholic beverages but also, of course, in soft drinks, food and pharmaceuticals

Quite what kind of meds they are keen on is never quite revealed on their website, but according to this article

Although under the Japanese FOSHU (Foods for Specified Health Uses) law no specific claims can be made on the packaging or in advertising, the product is “ideal for diabetics,” he said, adding that this market is big in Japan. Government statistics show that there are about 13 million diabetics in Japan, mainly men in their 50s or older.

I do hope that their diabetic-friendly products go gang busters, because according to their official site their YTD sales in Japan are down.  Maybe it’s because of Sapporo and their 26 FRIENDS ON FACEBOOK OMG. ..

Sapporo: sponsored by samurai women

Sapporo: endorsed by samurai women everywhere


Stop two on our Asian Food Adventure was New World Chinese across the road.  The serves were abundant to say the least.

Having finished gorging ourselves on Asian, it was time for dessert. Apple Cider & Apple Pie, kindly brought to us by Strongbow and Safeway respectively.

Got to love what they do with apples these days

The by-products of apples


A few years back no one was drinking cider.  Now it’s grown by 30% in just two years. I seriously wonder why.  Is it our thirst (har har) for the ‘everything old is new again’ adage that makes the previously unfashionable fashionable?  Is it a more adult version of pre-mixed alcopops that have such a bad wrap?  Is it simply more low carb than beer, and not nearly as pretentious as wine?  Regardless, I’ve never had the greatest relationship with cider.  Mercury is quite good, Blumers is alright, 5 Seeds is average and some of the other boutique combinations of apples and pears are downright horrible.  But hey, it was all about the A and the Strongbow Clear went down perfectly.

Well lubricated and no longer hungry, we reached the pointy end of the evening: arm wrestling.

On your marks

On your marks...


A myriad of thoughts crossed my mind.  Do I let Theresa win?  Do I go for the kill?  Do I play it safe with brute strength and hope her well defined nurses arms don’t pummel me, or do I try for the hook or the toproll and catch her off guard?

Either way, I made sure I warmed up. Apparently arm wrestling is serious business, according to Wikipedia:

Arm wrestling puts enormous torque/twist on the upper arm’s humerus bone to a degree seen in few other physical activities.  Most people’s bones are not accustomed to being significantly stressed in this direction, and injuries can occur surprisingly easily. The arm typically fails because of a diagonal break at or below the midpoint between the shoulder and the elbow.

Science matters!

The end result?  Well, I could be gracious and say it was a closely matched battle, two super powers tussling for hours with naught but a hair to split them.  I could say that there were external factors that lead to such a poor performance.  But I won’t.  All I’ll say is HA HA HA I WON YEEEEEAAAAAAA BOOOMMMSHAKAKALAKA!!.

It’s not gracious I know, but you have to understand how many little competitions we’ve had over 6.5+ years that have resulted in me being physically, mentally or morally trumped, thrashed and terminated.  I had to win this one, just for my own manly pride, lest I end up looking like an extra from a VB commercial.

Thanks again to all who voted in the ‘A’ options poll, I’ll run another one very shortly for the letter B which is due two weeks from now.



One Response to “Open wide and say ‘A’: on apples, Asahi and first dates”

  1. Smitty October 19, 2010 at 3:43 PM #

    I don’t get the VB ad….what’s it all about?

    I like the vid. 🙂 K

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