A is for…

27 Aug

So we’ve been having a bit of a chat about what we’re going to do for our first alphabet date.  Being the gentleman that I am, I offered Theresa first dibs at the letter A.

She decided on…arm wrestling.


Men with chest hair have long wrestled with their arms

Oh my god…what have I gotten myself into?

I think part my problem is I broached this subject about the same time as we went to see The Expendables.   Testosterone, sweaty muscles, dialogue delivered through clenched teeth, Dolph Lundgren, men wearing make up, I get it, it’s hard for any woman (or man) to resist the thought of armed confrontation (see what I did there?) after experiencing all that in HD.

But I think I may be in over my head on this, our first date.  Or competition, as it’s turning out to be.  Sure, I used to live on a farm and do Tae Kwon Do once a week, but I’m coming up against a nurse who ESSENTIALLY GETS PAID TO PUMP IRON BY DOING COMPRESSIONS ON PEOPLE WHO COULD DIE.   You know, slight disadvantage there.

According to Ultimate Arm Wrestling

Arm wrestling is a deceptive sport. It is not strictly a “strength” sport as people often think, because technique and speed are both very important. But anyone who tells you that strength is not central to the arm wrestler’s success is misguided at best. Strength matters to the extent that it allows you to execute various techniques. For instance, you cannot perform a toproll if you do not have the strength to create adequate backpressure.

What.  The.  Hell.  ‘Toproll’?  ‘Backpressure’?  When did arm wrestling become so hardcore? I’m going to have to do some serious research here.

A close friend of mine pointed out that “…it’s not going to last long, you better find something other A themed, how about the loser has to do shots…of absinthe.”   I’m convinced my mates are trying to kill me.  But it’s not the worst idea.  Perhaps we change the absinthe to ‘Absolut vodka’ or something?

Hell, let’s go for the triple play and have the ‘A-Team’ playing in the background. OR, we come dressed as characters from the A Team.  See, THAT I could win at.

Oh dear. I’m in trouble aren’t I?!

Gender equality in arm wrestling

Arm wrestling is big on gender equality


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