Eye Eye Captain: I Date Spotted Through The Looking Glass

10 Nov

Before we get started on I Date, I feel I owe to all of you, dear readers, a short apology.

We are not going to match the timeline of dates indicated in this blog’s title.

There. I said it. Phew! ‘But Dave!’, I hear you cry. ‘That’s kind of a misleading title then isn’t it?‘ And you would be right, dear reader.  However we have come too far to turn back now! So I ask you all to please, stay on this journey with me, despite the infrequent postings, and I prey you will go well rewarded with content and good cheer.

Now having said that, shall we turn our eyes to the letter I?

That's Captain Birds Eye to you!

Captain Birds Eye seemed kind of appropriate here...

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Hold up! Hold up! H date is historic, also mega late

28 Jun
Stop clowning around!

Enough clowning around, this blog hold up is over!

Whoa! AND WE ARE BACK. Apologies for the huuugggeee delay in posts dear reader.  All I can say is that life got busy, intervened, stayed over, made itself comfortable and wouldn’t leave until we withheld its entire undie collection (somewhat true story in that there were undies involved, but I digress).

But after a bit of a hold up, I can bring you up to speed with our historic H date!

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Gee whizz golly gosh, its game on for G date!

4 Apr

Snoop Dogg and Dr Dre famously once said, “…it ain’t nuthin’ but a G thang…”

Ain't no fun if the homies can't have none

There ain't nothing like it, apparently

For the most part, they were right; there is nothing quite like a ‘g’ something, and we proved that yet again with our latest round of the alphabet date series.  While Dre, Snoop (and Warren G) may have been rapping about gangsters, g-strings and ganja, Theresa lined us up with something far less risque, but no less MTV worthy, with board games, gardens and Greek food on the menu.  And gee, wasn’t it good?!

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Teach a man to fish…

6 Mar

It is perhaps fitting that it took all of the month of February for us to finish our scheduled F date activities.  And while it was an enjoyable month of festivities, I dare say it took much longer than either of us anticipated to bring this date to a finite end.

The tastiest pudding in the world?

I seriously have no idea what this is.

But, finally. We are here.  Read on for the wrap up.

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E Date: where we avoid eggs (but experience lots of other stuff)

2 Feb
E is for egg!

And to think I avoided eggs for so long...

Coming up with ideas for things to do for ‘E’ is not as easy as one may think.  Sure, there’s eggs (something we were keen to avoid, for personal gas and cholesterol issues) but after that?  Well, it’s just concepts and ideas, a nebulous existence (ha! Unintentional e pun).  Excellence.  Experience.  Everything.  Luckily, the future bride of this blog was up to such a challenge!
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D2: where that Estevez hurts his knee, we go dancing and the number 4 goes missing

10 Jan

Like all good children’s books, I am very much tempted to lead off with a platitude along the lines of “…we pick up our story where we left off, with Theresa and David very sleepy after eating their body weight in dumplings.”

So let’s run with that and dive head first into the social morass that is beginners salsa dancing classes, which makes up part deux of our trilogy of D dates.  If we were Star Wars, THIS would be our Empire Strikes Back, albeit with much less swamps, snow and, erm, tauntauns.

Tauntaun Sleeping Bag @ ThinkGeek.com

They may smell bad, but tauntaun's are clinically proven to keep you warm

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D1: of dumplings (not Mighty Ducks)

23 Dec
D1: The Mighty Ducks

Remember these guys?

So in a rather revolutionary step, we have decided to make date ‘D’ progressive, nay, delayed gratification across more than just the single night.  Some would say that we’re unorganised but I would merely point to the days on the calendar flying by and suggest that at Christmas, having alone time is difficult.   So trust me when I say there is more to come to round off D date in the early weeks of 2011.  <cue Pay TV announcer voice> “STILL TO COME, ON D DATE! DAVE DECIDES ON DESSERT!  DANCING IS DONE!” </end bold announcer style voice>

But why in such a hurry to look forward! You just got here!  Hello, welcome, thanks for stopping by, please, sit down and have a cup of tea while I talk to you about dumplings, and NOT about the Mighty Ducks.

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Cravings: part of every good relationship (and C date)

2 Dec

Cravings: part of every healthy relationship

If there’s one thing that every relationship needs, it’s communication.   Actually that’s not entirely true.  You also need continuity, chocolate, cravings, class, cuddles…the list goes on.  Luckily, C date had all of these.  (And if there’s one thing you’ve noticed about my blogging trends on this platform they are anything but consistent.) Continue reading

People ask the darndest things

1 Dec
Anonymous asks the questions

Ask and ye shall be pitied and such

Something I’ve noticed since being engaged for more than six months (!): people dread making small talk to me.  It’s nothing personal I understand, more a fear, a dread, a loathing to prod the elephant in the room with a giant cattle prod.

“How are the wedding plans going?”

It seems innocuous enough, up there with discussions about weather, weekend plans or football (or in the case of Victoria, all three at once).  Yet it now promotes a degree of trepidation in the social paradigm of question and answer for both parties.

The “asker” has heard it all before.  Chances are they’ve been closely involved in wedding preparations for their brother/cousin/best friend previously and are thus well versed in the rigmarole of table arrangements and flower colour schemes.  They ask out of a mild interest, out of an expectation that it’s the right thing to do.

The “askee” on the other hand feels a sense of dread, of both pressure and pride. A feeling of not wanting to shut off and ignore social convention entirely by not responding appropriately, but also of not going overboard and filling the “asker” in with mindless details about the stitching on the seven bridesmaids corsets or why Auntie Judy is now lactose intolerant.

The resulting conversation is nearly always brief and awkward, like an incomplete handshake.

“So, um, yeah how are the wedding plans going? Good?”
“Yeah, um, pretty good, just ticking things off you know? Saving madly. The usual.”
“Heh. Yeah man, I hear you.”
“Well, not long to go now hey?  I’m sure you’ll get it all done!”

So can I just say this to all of my close friends and colleagues, dear readers all of them.  This is not a plea to stop asking.  This is me simply saying “I understand”.  I understand if you really can’t be arsed to ask.  I understand if you don’t really care, and in turn, understand that I’m not being obstructionist if I don’t give you a massive rambling answer about all the latest developments.  Know that I’m saving us from an awkward conversation neither of us have to have (though if you really want to know more, just press me – it’ll be like a secret bat-signal for “Go on, seriously, I am all ears.”)

I C what you did there…

22 Nov

I see (c?)

Theresa has informed me that we have an official time and place for Date C, though apparently I will receive more specific SMS instructions on Wednesday when it all goes down.

Fairly certain it’s going to involve the cinema in some shape or form, but apart from that I’m flying blind.  There’s a few things that I hope are involved, including:

– chocolate
– cuddles
– lolCats

Any other suggestions?